Principal Asset Allocation

Principal Asset Allocation uses dynamic allocation methodology, constructed using academic research to maximise risk-adjusted returns for investors. We believe that our active reallocation of capital is a primary source of superior risk-adjusted returns over the long term.

The objective of the portfolio construction process is to ensure that the allocations to investment strategies are in line with the portfolio’s risk and return objectives. This process ensures a well-diversified portfolio that accounts for the potential effects of an unfavourable or changing market environment using stress test assumptions.

We conduct a rigorous search through global markets to find investment opportunities and take advantage of mispriced securities. With our combined industry experience of over 50 years, we utilise fundamental analysis and overlay it with our macro themes.

Adhering to our volatility target, we then decide on our asset allocations based upon our medium-to-long term view on each. We look to have approximately a third of the portfolio allocated to Equities, a third in Fixed Income and the remaining third in Alternative non-correlated strategies. Alternative assets are often referred to as hard assets (or real assets) such as commodities, real estate, currencies and sophisticated algorithmic managed futures funds.

Traditional multi-asset managers are typically limited to cash, bonds and equities, which in our mind limits their ability to provide an all-weather investment return.

The benefits of diversification are:

  • Investments are spread over a broad range of strategies, styles, sectors and regions.
  • Can help cushion the occasional shock that comes with investing in a single asset class or region.
  • Enhances the potential for investing in the best-performing asset class and reduce the impact of the worst-performing asset class

Many investors look to multi-asset funds to provide a lower-risk investment than a pure equity fund, but with greater prospects for growth than a pure bond fund.

Why invest into Principle Asset Allocation?

         Low Volatility Returns

  • Strategy provides investors with consistent controlled volatility returns.

         Correlation Risk

  • The biggest risk currently to portfolios is ‘correlation risk’, by having diversified strategy we are not correlated to any single asset class or theory.

         Capital Preservation Focus

  • Our strategy looks to protect capital in falling markets as opposed to just rewarding investors when markets rally, as traditional investments such as equities and bonds have done.

         Risk Management

  • Our rigorous corporate governance and trading discipline, providing investors with high levels of protection.

         Liquid strategy with no lock ups or gates

  • Daily liquidity for both investments and redemptions, providing peace of mind to investors.

         Dublin UCITS

  • Ireland is one of the leading countries for UCITS distributed cross-border, providing strong corporate governance and investor protection.

Multi-Asset Fund

Principal Asset Allocation uses dynamic allocation methodology, constructed using academic research to maximise risk-adjusted returns for investors.

Absolute Return Fund

Global Diversified Alpha invests in worldwide markets on a global thematic and opportunistic basis. Seeking to mitigate risk and deliver uncorrelated returns.

London Development Fund

The SELLAR Development Fund is a joint venture with Sellar Developments, globally recognised for delivering The Shard.

Bespoke Portfolio Service (BPS)

Our Bespoke Portfolio Service (BPS) is a discretionary investment management service, built in conjunction with our wealth management partners.

The Investment Manager, Mansard Capital Management Ltd. is authorised and regulated by the Maltese Financial Services Authority (MFSA Registration Number 50163).