Mansard provides discretionary investment management solutions, focusing on global opportunities where long-term structural mispricing of asset values is apparent.

Founded in 2010, Mansard Capital Management have set out to deliver long-term asset allocation ideas, creating unique relationships and supporting partners globally. Whilst placing great emphasis on preserving capital, seeking favourable returns and most importantly ensuring our investors long-term interests are served. Mansard's products and strategies are modelled based on risk appetite.

Our management team operate from extensive experience in Investment Management, in particular a strong understanding of risk management and the governance required to deliver a full range of solutions. 

Mansard has partnerships with some of the largest global financial firms, which allows us to bring high-quality investment offerings to the wider market.  

“At Mansard, our primary aim is to provide our clients with superior investment performance. We believe that investment management is as much about people, as it is processes; we employ a team of dedicated, seasoned and innovative professionals, whose talents are fostered in order to achieve our investment objectives."​ Leon Diamond, Founder of Mansard Capital Management

The Investment Manager, Mansard Capital Management Ltd. is authorised and regulated by the Maltese Financial Services Authority (MFSA Registration Number 50163).